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Jataun Gilbert


AKA David, introduced in 1 Samuel 16.

David developed the ability to “shepherd” others at a young age.  While just a kid, he took it upon himself to feed stray dogs and train them to do small tricks.  He would chase predators from the playground with broom sticks and baseball bats, and protect the smaller kids from bullies and drug dealers.  He’s quiet, but not at all introverted.  He watches, learns, and develops strategies to survive, maintain, and get ahead.  He’s a natural leader… people trust him and like him.  He never seems to have an agenda… but he does.  He is learning to be a leader – and how not to be a leader – by watching and discerning the motivations of others.  And while he is likable, he is not infallible.  When he’s called upon as a teen to begin to prepare for leadership, he steps right up.  

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